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The Healing Journey: Relationship Health and Wellness Guide

“The Healing Journey: Relationship Health and Wellness Guide” is a radical daily guide to help you grow into your best self. Dr. Bakari’s words seep into the cracks of the psyche where people unknowingly give away their power by following outdated life scripts. Chapters include “How to Heal Trauma without Forgiving the Person Who Caused It, How to Build Relationships When You Don’t Trust People, and How to Re-parent Your Inner Child. You will unlearn harmful practices that have been normalized in this action-oriented guide. The chapters are set by months, and each month contains an essay, daily healing prompts, and an activity for self-reflection and awareness. Wherever you are on your healing journey, this book will take you further.

This year-long guide supports transformation. It includes daily healing prompts to invite readers into restoration no matter how old or deeply hidden their pain is. Readers will understand how what happened to them influences the health and wellness of their relationships. Activities in the book invite readers to start loving themselves to wellness by tapping into resilience.

Author Credentials: 

Dr. Rosenna Bakari earned her Ph.D. in psychology from the University of Northern Colorado. She graduated from Cornell University in 1984 and earned her Master’s degree from SUNY at the age of 22. She has presented at professional conferences such as American Education Research Association, and the American Counseling Association Conference. She published her first book “Self-Love,” in 1994. “The Healing Journey” is her sixth book related to mental wellness. Dr. Bakari teaches for the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs in the Department of Counseling and Human Services, as well are runs​ her empowerment organization, Bakari Institute.